Sunday, 6 January 2013

New year, New post

Hey guys!

Thankfully the holidays are over and we're into a new year! Christmas was alright but sadly I didn't get to order any doll items. However I did find some cute accessories in the gift section at the local Walmart. In comparison to my old Wild Cherry Pepsi lip gloss, these bottles have updated labelling and now they have a set of the can versions. They were only $5 a package, not sure if they will have anymore since holidays are over and the stock seemed pretty low when I found them.

So after I removed Shiera's lip gloss, I decided that I need to fix her face colouring again since her head did not match her body. Let's take a walk down memory lane with poor Shiera's face ups:

(When Shiera first got home, a terrible rush job)

 (After she was dyed, very unflattering eyeliner)

(A little better, left heavily coloured lips and orange toned chalk pastel face colour)

(No more coloured lips, but face is more orange)

(Completely cleaned face and started again, more subtle look)

 (Added eyelashes and she is complete!)

Through the trial and error, this is the new Shiera. It look a lot of practice but now I am very happy with the end result. For her final face up, I added light chalk pastel to lips, painted lip lines, lip gloss and gloss to eye lids. I was subtle with the eye shadow, gave her some blush on the cheeks, nose and chin. Finally I gave her redder eyebrows which worked out nicely. 
For those worried about dying dolls and removing the face up, I removed hers at least 4 times and the dye wasn't effected.

After playing around with Shiera, I gave Reily some lip lines and blush as well. I think she looks nicer but I feel there's still something missing:

Lastly I finally go to hang out with TADDMUG (Toronto-Area Dollfie Dream Meetup Group) since I haven't been to a meet up in a like.. 2 months (work has been a jerk) but I had a great time seeing everyone, catching up and seeing all the beautiful dollies! Here's a few photos:

Who knows what will happen next time, but until then!

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