Thursday, 6 December 2012

Christmas List 2012

Hey guys!

For the past couple of days I have been looking for new dolls to add to my Christmas (well definitely not all for Christmas) list and I've got to say my heart was blown away when I saw these beauties.

First up is Sigui from Queen's Blade Rebellion by Azone International. Azone did a great job with her as she looks exactly like the character. I know other companies do character dolls but I feel that sometimes they don't look accurate but Sigui is spot on! The only concern I have is can you remove her boots? I emailed the website but they said they aren't sure yet so I have to wait until she's out. Either way, I'd love to find her under my Christmas tree!

Next on the Christmas list are these charming VMF50 beauties from Yamato Toys Risa and Yumi. Both girls come in a lovely tanned skin body with beautiful curves. I'd be happy to have any one them under my tree or having both of them would make it a very merry Christmas <3

Lastly on my Christmas list is the new SQ-Labs KSG-L 31cm body. I would like my head choice to be Silvia but I'm not sure if the head will fit the body since the KSG 26cm bodies they have their own smaller versions of the heads. I was thinking that it might work since for Dollfie Dreams you can use the same head for all the body sizes but I guess I'll have to wait and see.

KSG-L 31cm body                                          Silvia head 

Well that's my Christmas list, most likely I'll choose one and hopefully I can get her in the new year. I'm trying to limit myself to one doll per year (which has not been working yet since I got all three of my girls this year).
In recent news at home, I decided to change Shiera's lipstick and hair style. I removed her lip colour with Windsor and Newton's brush cleaner and tried to blend in the empty area with chalk pastel but she needs more work. I'll work on her more during the holiday once I get some more supplies. Here's what happened and how she looks now:

Lip colour removed

Filled in with chalk pastel

I managed to straighten out her wig with our burning it! I think it looks better straightened and won't be missing the poof.

I'll end this post by adding a few pictures of Tai and Reily. Until next time!


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Reily's new doo!


I finally got around to making Reily the wig I envisioned for her! Well technically its slightly different since it has two colours but its better then what she had before. I really love the graduated bob style and I wanted to model her after super girl so here's Reily's hair styling adventure:

 (Starting off with the long unstyled hair)

 (After first cut, front and side view)

(Back view)

(After styled and straightened)

I decided to take some photos prior to wig change so here's a few of Reily's old look on a windy day:

After Reily's cut \I decided to try to make a photo story but its pretty cheesy. I'll put it up anyway, but let's hope in the future that I get more ideas/ creative. I shall call this "Reily's Typical Day"

Reily: Feels great to be tall
Tai: I know right
Shiera: *Sighs*

 Tai: What's YOUR problem? You seem to always have something to say
Shiera:  Me? Nope, just noticing some discrepancies..

Tai: Whatever! *talk to the hand*
Shiera: Get your hand out of my face

 Tai: What? You want to take this outside?
Shiera: Let's go *takes off earrings*

Reily: Ladies break it up please! Do we always have to do this?

Shiera: Ya Tai, settle down

Tai: Get you hand off me!
Reily: *Sighs*

Tai: She's just jealous!
Shiera: Really..

Reily: Whatever, some things never change..

Pretty much just a clashing of the personalities, I'll get into background stories soon (once I'm happy with them). I'll end this post with a few photos of the best friends and solo Reily. As for new projects, everyone's wearing the right style and colour wigs except for Shiera. I like her colour but I's prefer to experiment with different styles. I'll see when I have time to visit the local beauty supply shop for wine colour hair. Until then, see ya'll later!


Saturday, 6 October 2012

More Doll meet photos!

Hello all!

Sorry it's been a while since my last post. I have some doll meet photos that should have been up a while ago but you know life, sometimes it gets in the way. Here's some photos from the last GTA Dolls swap meet and the Dollfie Dreams "Back to School" themed meet!

GTA Dolls Swap Meet

Dollfie Dreams "Back to School" Meet