Wednesday 21 October 2015

Tai new manba faceup


I'm finally getting back into dolls~ its been so on and off, life and such.. No worries, my girls are patient  lol!

My plan for Tai has always been a gal fashion look. Since I'm getting Danny's Ebony Smart doll, I had the idea to use my old 02 head as a manba face up. After leveling up and painting my own face, a lil beenie doll head should be piece of cake right!?

Hopefully someone figures out a way to attach the dd heads to smartdoll bodies lol! Ebony will be the daily gal face and dd extreme gal faceπŸ˜πŸ‘

Started off my completely rubbing the old faceup with Windsor and Newton. The paint came off nicely and no dye was removed πŸ‘Œ

First used white paint to get the base area done. After getting the whites in a desirable shape, I put on the nose stripe. I was considering doing the side contour but I wasn't sure how it would read on a dollfie.

Next was to put the eye shadow colours. I should have extended the reach but I clearly wasn't thinking! Its all good, but sadly the eye shadow isn't visible with the lashes.

After eye shadow comes eyeline, which I gave a generous amount. Manba is all about exaggerating, got it!? Lol..

Now the lips and eyebrows~ I wasn't sure how the white would read for the lips, so I went with bubble gum pink. I also put some small angled lines at the end of her lips, trying to make her look slightly less angry.. However, I do like her lil unpleased face. The eyebrows were kinda slapped on but I'm ok with itπŸ’œ 

Finishing off with the eyelashes. Tops are double layers, gets more bang! Slapped on the bottoms and we got ourself a complete look!

There you go, lil manba gal~ Enjoy your ciggy! 

This experiment has taught me that I need to get more paint supplies! Thinner would have helped as the paint was getting bulky.. πŸ˜… Also if I could find a way to do blended edges for the outer white areas. I need to investigate for the future! Otherwise..

Soo cute πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ Can't wait to get Ebony! Planning out her faceup and outfit 😈

Until next time!

- K

Saturday 27 June 2015

The girls need more love!

Hey guys!

I hope we can stop meeting like this, lol! I need to give my girls more love and intend to do so in the near future.

I've also been following Danny Choo's Smart doll and can't WAIT to get my hands on one! Especially the tanned vinyl he's been developing! I'm liking the look of the male doll and have a character planned for when the tanned version comes out lol! Either way Volks has LOST my support! That's what happens when you don't listen to your customers!

Anywhoo here are some plans I have for my doll fam:

(Most recent group photo: Reily, Tai. Moku, Shiera and Selene)

Reily: She hasn't reached her full potential but I know she will! Just a matter of finding the right wig and eyes. I'd like to try her in a darker look with lighter eyes maybe? More alternative? I'm also considering changing her body since I was never thrilled with the default.

Tai: Volks will hold me back no more! I plan to make Tai 2.0 with Danny's Smart Doll! Sadly Tai's current body is in shambles from taking her apart to paint/ dye soo many times :( It sucks but I learned a lot from the experiments and I hope I was able to help others with my findings.

Moku: She's pretty good, dye colour still going strong. Eventually I'd like to fix up her eye make up and probably play around with wigs and eye colours.

Shiera: I Love the way she came out! Her dye hasn't fade since it initially did the first time. I'd love to try an other wig style (same colour) and maybe play up her eyes? Either way I don't plan on changing her too much.

Selene: She has FINALLY received a new face up from the lovely Petit Papillon! I'd like to try some more coloured wigs on her.

(New Selene)

I've been thinking about ideas on how to bring my girls to life? Maybe some kind of photo/ video series? Not sure yet but first things first, I need to stay on top of posting.. UGH!

Until next time...(Sooner than later?)


Friday 12 December 2014

Halloween Doll Meet and Worbla

Hey guys!

It's been a while but I'm still trying to keep up with blogging.. Lol! I made it easier for myself and got the app but I keep forgetting about it.. Ugh! Hopefully I put more effort in the new year! 

Anywhoo.. After a long hiatus, I went to the Halloween Dollfie meet up! I missed seeing everyone and their dolls :( I also made Tai a last minute costume, she went as Celty from Durarara! Made the helmet out of worbla and it turned out pretty well!

Here are some more photos of the meet! 

In my next post, I'm planning on giving Reily a new face up and look. I figure since my make up skills have improved, I could do a better job with face ups, but we shall see..! Until next time!

- K  

Monday 8 September 2014

Doll Dying Adventure 3! A year and change!?

Hey guys!

Whoa its been a while eh!? Don't be mad, I come baring gifts! LOL well not really but I come with a story, those are always fun right?

First let me introduce you to Moku (Mokuren)! If you recall my Christmas list, I wanted an Sqlabs L-Ksg and I finally got her. Now if you recall that I call myself a Bjd Alchemist, I'll take you on my 3rd crazy dying adventure..

I started off with the usual, taking her apart. Now when doing so I saw this crazy top hip joint that I knew would be annoying to reassemble but otherwise no surprises.

Once she was in pieces, I put cotton strings threw the pieces to help dunk them in dye. I had a small simmering pot in the background ready to go.

The pot was filled near the top with water (enough to submerge pieces). I used 1 teaspoon of Rit dye (powder). I personally had the best results with Rit dye power in cocoa brown.

The first drunk, I left the piece in for about 5 seconds then dunked it in cool water to remove any excess dye and cool it down. This was the result of the first dip. Afterwards I hung the pieces to dry on a clothing rack.

The next series of dips were about 5-8 seconds each. I did that about 3-5 times until I got my desired colour. Keep in mind that the dye will eventually fade. Shiera (Iplehouse Cocori) was also dyed cocoa brown and faded to a nice light tan colour. 

After all the pieces were dyed, they were all hanging on the clothing rack. Then when they're all dried (like 10 mins) I coated them in MSC. This helps the pieces all fade the same colour! When I dyed Tai (Dollfie dream) I didn't coat her body and only her face was coated for the face up so now her body has faded lighter then her face. Its not horrible but it is slightly noticeable. Its all good though, you live, you learn!

Here's a comparison of Moku's old colour to her new dyed colour. I though it wasn't dark enough at first.. Ha!

Here she is all put together. Man was that not fun!

What's next? I want to try to make her some Japanese styled slippers with Worbla.. Otherwise I don't know but I want to get back to doll meets.. I miss all the people and dollies! Until next time!


Wednesday 7 August 2013

July Doll meet


Its been a while hasn't it? Well I'm definitely not dead but I've been busy and tired but I have photos waiting to be uploaded so lets get this show on the road shall we!? Lol I went to a small meet in July and had a great time! I enjoyed meeting everyone and their dolls and we took some funny pictures. Here are the photos! Erg.. *wakes up* with the new camera its taking forever to upload these pictures.. Next time I'll start earlier, until next time!