Wednesday, 7 August 2013

July Doll meet


Its been a while hasn't it? Well I'm definitely not dead but I've been busy and tired but I have photos waiting to be uploaded so lets get this show on the road shall we!? Lol I went to a small meet in July and had a great time! I enjoyed meeting everyone and their dolls and we took some funny pictures. Here are the photos! Erg.. *wakes up* with the new camera its taking forever to upload these pictures.. Next time I'll start earlier, until next time!


Saturday, 15 June 2013

Beach meet and Cafe Princess June 2013

Hey guys,

 Have a few photos from the Dollfie Dream Island meet and the Toronto Bjd. Unfortunately I accidentally deleted some while I uploading them *annoyed* but there's still a few good ones.

Thankfully Tai and Selene's swim suits worked out but sadly I lost too many of Tai's nails so I have to redo them an other time. Since the vinyl girls had their outing, I decided to give Reily and Shiera an outing of their own when I took them to the Cafe Princess meet. The pictures came out well and everyone had a good time :) Next I plan to give Reily a shoot of her own and a new outfit. The poor girl barely gets any attention so we'll see what happens with her soon. Until next time!


Ohh yes, I forgot to mention that I FINALLY got my new camera! The dslr nikon 3100 I was dying for went on sale or the price dropped.. Either it's finally mine <3 I didn't get it until after the beach meet so the Cafe Princess photos were with the new camera. :D