Friday, 12 December 2014

Halloween Doll Meet and Worbla

Hey guys!

It's been a while but I'm still trying to keep up with blogging.. Lol! I made it easier for myself and got the app but I keep forgetting about it.. Ugh! Hopefully I put more effort in the new year! 

Anywhoo.. After a long hiatus, I went to the Halloween Dollfie meet up! I missed seeing everyone and their dolls :( I also made Tai a last minute costume, she went as Celty from Durarara! Made the helmet out of worbla and it turned out pretty well!

Here are some more photos of the meet! 

In my next post, I'm planning on giving Reily a new face up and look. I figure since my make up skills have improved, I could do a better job with face ups, but we shall see..! Until next time!

- K  

Monday, 8 September 2014

Doll Dying Adventure 3! A year and change!?

Hey guys!

Whoa its been a while eh!? Don't be mad, I come baring gifts! LOL well not really but I come with a story, those are always fun right?

First let me introduce you to Moku (Mokuren)! If you recall my Christmas list, I wanted an Sqlabs L-Ksg and I finally got her. Now if you recall that I call myself a Bjd Alchemist, I'll take you on my 3rd crazy dying adventure..

I started off with the usual, taking her apart. Now when doing so I saw this crazy top hip joint that I knew would be annoying to reassemble but otherwise no surprises.

Once she was in pieces, I put cotton strings threw the pieces to help dunk them in dye. I had a small simmering pot in the background ready to go.

The pot was filled near the top with water (enough to submerge pieces). I used 1 teaspoon of Rit dye (powder). I personally had the best results with Rit dye power in cocoa brown.

The first drunk, I left the piece in for about 5 seconds then dunked it in cool water to remove any excess dye and cool it down. This was the result of the first dip. Afterwards I hung the pieces to dry on a clothing rack.

The next series of dips were about 5-8 seconds each. I did that about 3-5 times until I got my desired colour. Keep in mind that the dye will eventually fade. Shiera (Iplehouse Cocori) was also dyed cocoa brown and faded to a nice light tan colour. 

After all the pieces were dyed, they were all hanging on the clothing rack. Then when they're all dried (like 10 mins) I coated them in MSC. This helps the pieces all fade the same colour! When I dyed Tai (Dollfie dream) I didn't coat her body and only her face was coated for the face up so now her body has faded lighter then her face. Its not horrible but it is slightly noticeable. Its all good though, you live, you learn!

Here's a comparison of Moku's old colour to her new dyed colour. I though it wasn't dark enough at first.. Ha!

Here she is all put together. Man was that not fun!

What's next? I want to try to make her some Japanese styled slippers with Worbla.. Otherwise I don't know but I want to get back to doll meets.. I miss all the people and dollies! Until next time!