Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Doll Paint Adventure 2


So as you all know, Tai (my Dollfie Dream) was spray painted to be tan skin. I used Tamiya spray paint in tan colour and I was really pleased with the colour. Unfortunately I didn't let the primer and main coat dry long enough so the paint ended up sticky and Tai ended up with the nickname "Sticky"

(Tai's sticky body)

After visiting a hobby shop for counsel, one of the paint experts told me that she could be saved and that I would have to sand the sticky parts off, reprime and paint the body. I got the needed supplies and finished the procedure but looking at the time from then until Doll north (it was about 4 weeks away) I knew the body would not be dry on time.

(Body pieces after priming)

(A few body parts drying after main coat)

Tai held up at Doll North for the most part but she got a few marks and her clothes started sticking again. I knew that her paint job would need to be repaired so I let it slide. After the convention I was going to repair her but I got busy as usual so the poor thing was sitting there for a while. After I got Shiera (Iplehouse Cocori) and the rit dye process went well, I wondered if I could do the same with Tai. I recalled seeing someone who dyed their Dollfie Dream and it seemed to work. I'm also getting interested in this VHT vinyl dye that I have been reading about so I'm not sure which route to take.. 
Either way I thought I'd see if I could get Tai's multi-layered body completely paint free. For anyone wondering, it works! All I needed was some Windsor and Newton brush cleaner (not much) , a few spoonges and some time. She is completely cleaned and normal skin again. I was sad to wipe her face, especially since it was the only part to completely dry..

(Haneino Tsukiko 's dyed Dollfie Dream Karomie)

(Tai's primed, painted, and primed again bust piece after being wiped)

(Tai after being cleaned and Shiera)

(VHT vinyl dye)

My future plans for Tai involve her bring tan again and I'd like to continue her character development into a gyaru (either B-Gal or Bibinba). So far she has her wig and a few gold accessories. I'd like her face up to look something like this minus the piercings:

(Tai's possible new look)

Not sure how long Tai will stay normal skin since my work schedule is crazy and Michael's arts and crafts is a couple hours away from home.
Until next time!


Sunday, 24 June 2012

GTA Dolls, DD Meets and Doll North 2012!

Hello again!

It seems I've been rather lazy so I will be posting a bunch of meet photos that I should have posted long ago! Starting with most recent, here are the photos from the GTA Dolls meet. The meet was held on June 10 2012 at E-Tea Shop. I had a great time and can't wait for the next :)
We begin with Tai's outfit for the day!

GTA Dolls Meet June 10/12:

 (Tai doing a few poses before we head out! I just love her shoes!)

Doll North 2012:

 (Tai at Doll North, isn't she cute!?)

Dollfie Dream Meet April 28/12:

That's all folks! I promise to keep up to date with my doll meet photo uploading ;)