Saturday, 15 June 2013

Beach meet and Cafe Princess June 2013

Hey guys,

 Have a few photos from the Dollfie Dream Island meet and the Toronto Bjd. Unfortunately I accidentally deleted some while I uploading them *annoyed* but there's still a few good ones.

Thankfully Tai and Selene's swim suits worked out but sadly I lost too many of Tai's nails so I have to redo them an other time. Since the vinyl girls had their outing, I decided to give Reily and Shiera an outing of their own when I took them to the Cafe Princess meet. The pictures came out well and everyone had a good time :) Next I plan to give Reily a shoot of her own and a new outfit. The poor girl barely gets any attention so we'll see what happens with her soon. Until next time!


Ohh yes, I forgot to mention that I FINALLY got my new camera! The dslr nikon 3100 I was dying for went on sale or the price dropped.. Either it's finally mine <3 I didn't get it until after the beach meet so the Cafe Princess photos were with the new camera. :D


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