Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Reily's new doo!


I finally got around to making Reily the wig I envisioned for her! Well technically its slightly different since it has two colours but its better then what she had before. I really love the graduated bob style and I wanted to model her after super girl so here's Reily's hair styling adventure:

 (Starting off with the long unstyled hair)

 (After first cut, front and side view)

(Back view)

(After styled and straightened)

I decided to take some photos prior to wig change so here's a few of Reily's old look on a windy day:

After Reily's cut \I decided to try to make a photo story but its pretty cheesy. I'll put it up anyway, but let's hope in the future that I get more ideas/ creative. I shall call this "Reily's Typical Day"

Reily: Feels great to be tall
Tai: I know right
Shiera: *Sighs*

 Tai: What's YOUR problem? You seem to always have something to say
Shiera:  Me? Nope, just noticing some discrepancies..

Tai: Whatever! *talk to the hand*
Shiera: Get your hand out of my face

 Tai: What? You want to take this outside?
Shiera: Let's go *takes off earrings*

Reily: Ladies break it up please! Do we always have to do this?

Shiera: Ya Tai, settle down

Tai: Get you hand off me!
Reily: *Sighs*

Tai: She's just jealous!
Shiera: Really..

Reily: Whatever, some things never change..

Pretty much just a clashing of the personalities, I'll get into background stories soon (once I'm happy with them). I'll end this post with a few photos of the best friends and solo Reily. As for new projects, everyone's wearing the right style and colour wigs except for Shiera. I like her colour but I's prefer to experiment with different styles. I'll see when I have time to visit the local beauty supply shop for wine colour hair. Until then, see ya'll later!


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