Monday, 2 July 2012

Tai's new look


Continuing on from last post, Tai has been thought  a lot of changes. She went from normal skin, spray painted tan (several times), sanded, repainted and then paint removed! I began experimenting with her gyaru look and this is what I got so far:

(The new Tai)

I did a few more mods to her eye holes such as bevelling the inner edges so the eyes fit better and weren't so sunk in. Instead of using all back acrylic paint for the eye liner I used mostly black chalk pastel which I found went on better. It also allowed me to paint the inner edges so I can't see the pale inner eye edge. I felt her look was a bit lacking and added eyelashes. No gyaru is complete without them!

(Tai with eye lashes)

They're pretty long so I might cut them down a bit more but overall I'm happy with the look. I just wish I could figure out a permanent tanning method! I think she look close enough to the picture I referenced last post. Now she needs some more stylish clothes!


(Tai posing)

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