Saturday, 30 March 2013

New Wig, new girl, new home

Greeting ya'll,

I thought it was time to make something new since I haven't had much time in a while AND its a long weekend! As we all remember, Tai just went to Blacky's for her tan and now she wanted a new hair style to compliment her new look. I asked her to pick one and she choose this:

I took one look and said to her "I accept the challenge!"
After a couple of hours fitting her with a new wig base, curling the hair and gluing on the extensions  without further adieu, here is Tai!

If anyone is interested on how I accomplished this wig, here is a link to my tutorial: Wig tutorial 2. I attempted to take some photos outdoors but the wig proved to be a menace and the session ended prematurely. Well here are some that didn't turn out too horribly:

Well in other news, I've purchased an other of my dream girls! Remember my christmas list? Well its coming home to roost as I've got my hands on a Vmf50 Yumi! She was shipped Saturday and I can't wait to see her. I plan to call her Mo short for Motoko and have her refaced but first things first I must see her in person to see if the name fits. We all know what happened with Shiera as I thought she'd be a Raven. Well here's a picture to refresh the memory of sweet lil' Yumi:

I plan to make her a purple or black wig and red eyes. Something along the lines of Motoko in this photo:

Not sure if I want to go with this neural look or have her eyebrows a bit angry. Well time will tell and she should be here within 5-7 days.

My last bit of news is that I finally have a display case all to my girls! I have dubbed it "Bludhaven Towers" and they live on the top shelf with I call "The pen house".. Lol yes I know pretty nerdy but I think its sweet and I'm glad they have somewhere face to rest their little heads from my little wretched cat Yoruichi.

Anywhoo! That is all for now.. Until next time!


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